Charitable Support

The Children's Burn Trust

The Children's Burn Trust is a registered burns charity.  They provide direct family support and information and sign-posting to services and other support organisations.  They also provide information on prevention and rehabilitation. They also support Burns Clubs.

For further information and advice visit The Children's Burn Trust website.

Dan's Fund for Burns

Dan's Fund for Burns is a registered burns charity.  The main aim of Dan's Fund for Burns is identifying those most in need of help and providing it in a swift and practical way. 

For further information and advice visit the Dan's Fund for Burns website.

Adult Burn Support UK

Adult Burn Support UK is funded by Dan's Fund for Burns. Their website has put together all of the most helpful resources and information on the aftercare help/support available to burn-injured adults in the UK and put it here on one site for you to access.

It also provides an online forum and a weekly online live chat for users to share and discuss burn related experiences.

For further information and advice visit the Adult Burn Support UK website.

The Katie Piper Foundation

The Katie Piper Foundation aims to have a world where scars do not limit a person’s function, social inclusion or sense of well being.

Their aims are to:

  • improve outcomes for burns survivors
  • deliver – directly or indirectly – intensive, comprehensive burns rehabilitation (post acute care discharge) in the UK
  • support burns survivors throughout their recovery

For further information and advice visit The Katie Piper Foundation website.

Changing Faces

Changing Faces is a charity for people in the UK with a visible difference: a mark, scar or condition that makes them look different.

They provide advice, support and psychosocial services to children, young people and adults. Ensuring everyone with a visible difference on their face or body has the confidence, support and opportunity to lead the lives they want.

For further information and advice visit the Changing Faces website.

The Scar Free Foundation

The Scar Free Foundation is a UK charity dedicated to leading transformational research into scarring and raising the money to fund that research.

They do not provide information or support for patients, but can signpost you to other charities who might be able to help.

For further information about their research work visit The Scar Free Foundation website.