How to Make a Referral to a Specialised Burn Services

There are five Specialised Burn Services within the South West Burns Clinical Network. Click on the drop down list above to find out more about each service.

We recommend that you contact your nearest Specialised Burn Service for initial advice on assessment and management of a burn injury. You will then be advised to contact the most appropriate Specialised Burn Service in relation to the severity of the injury and given appropriate medical advice if required. 

If you are unable to contact a Burn Service directly, please contact the National Burns Bed Bureau (NBBB) who will be able to advise on the nearest burns bed available to you.  NBBB telephone number: 01384 679 036.  

The South West Burns Clinical Network has approved the use of a single telemedicine system for referrals to specialised burn services.  To access this referral system, please visit:  This tele-referral service is available in all Specialised Burn Services within the Network.  Please see the Tele-referral section on this website for further information on the system and how to use it. 

If you wish to notify the Network of any referral incidents, please complete our SWBCN Incident Reporting Template Form v4.0.docx and return to

Specialised Burn Care Service Referral Contact Details

SWANSEA - Adults & Children

Morriston Hospital

Tel: 01792 703924 or 01792 703802

Switch: 01792 702222 ext 23882 / 55

8:00-17:00: Burns Consultant of the day

17:00-08:00: Burns Consultant on call


BRISTOL - Children
Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

Tel: 0117 342 7901

Switch: 0117 923 0000 (ask for Burns on-call)


BRISTOL - Adults 

Southmead Hospital

Tel: 0117 414 0978

Switch: 0117 950 5050 (ask for Burns SHO on-call)


SALISBURY - Adults & Children

Salisbury District Hospital

Tel: 01722 345 507

Switch: 01722 336262 (ask for Burns on-call)


PLYMOUTH - Children

Derriford Hospital

Tel: 01752 245122

Switch: 01752 202082 (ask for Burns on-call)



Derriford Hospital

Tel: 01752 792274

Switch: 01752 202082  (ask for Burns on-call)


When to Refer to a Specialised Burn Care Service

The suggested minimum threshold for referral into Specialised Burn Services can be summarised as:

  • All burns ≥2% TBSA in children or ≥3% TBSA in adults
  • All full thickness burns
  • All circumferential burns
  • Any burn not healed in 2 weeks
  • Any burn with suspicion of non-accidental injury should be referred to a Burn Unit/Centre for expert assessment within 24 hours

In addition, the following factors should prompt a discussion with a Consultant in a Specialised Burn Service and consideration given to referral:

  • All burns to hands, feet, face, perineum or genitalia
  • Any chemical, electrical or friction burn
  • Any cold injury
  • Any unwell/febrile child with a burn
  • Any concerns regarding burn injuries and co-morbidities that may affect treatment or healing of the burn

If the above criteria/threshold is not met then continue with local care and dressings as required.

If burn wound changes in appearance / shows signs of infection or there are concerns regarding healing then discuss with your nearest Specialised Burn Service.

If there is any suspicion of Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) then refer early.

It is unusual for burn injured patients to be taken directly to a Specialised Burn Service. Emergency retrieval services should follow the transfer pathway for Major Trauma patients.

Read more about this in the Transferring a Patient section of this website.

National guidance on the referral pathway of burn-injured patients is also available via The National Burn Care Referral Guidance (2012) published by the National Network for Burn Care (NNBC). 

Specialised Burn Care Service Referral Thresholds (A=Adult / C=Child)