Overview of Education

Overview of SWUK Education

Patients with burn injuries present difficult challenges to most health care professionals.  Fortunately, severe burn injuries are small in number, however this presents further challenges for clinicians who will not have gained experience in the assessment and management of burns. 

The Specialised Burn Care Services and the SWUK ODN aim to equip burns and non-burns health care professionals with the skills and knowledge they may required when presented with burn injured patient, from minor burns to critically injured burn patients.

There are opportunities within the SWUK ODN region and nationally to learn more about caring for burn injured patients.  Within this Education & Training section of the website we have detailed what education is available including:

  • Burn Care Service Study Days - provided in Specialised Burn Care Services for their local healthcare community
  • SWUK Regional Education - accredited Burn courses which are delivered by the Burn Care Specialist Multi-disciplinary teams
  • SWUK ODN Regional Study Days - an annual study day based around a specific theme of burn care
  • National Education - course run by other Burn Care Services outside of the SWUK ODN region

Also visit the Events section of this website to find out about regional and national meetings and conferences.

SWUK Burn Network Education Strategy for 2019-21