SW Burns Clinical Network - Therapies Specialist Interest Group

 In each of the burn care services within the South West Burns Clinical Network (SWBCN) are Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists who specialise in the rehabilitation of burn injured adults and children. Collectively referred to as Burns Therapists, they are an integral part of the burns multi-disciplinary team and work across all levels of care including intensive care units, rehabilitation wards, out-patient clinics and in community settings. As well as adhering to their individual Professional Standards, the burns therapists also adhere to the British Burn Association Standards of Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy in the Management of Burn Inured Adults and Children, carrying out detailed assessments and providing a wide range of specialised treatments tailored to the needs of each individual that they work with. These may include stretches and exercises, splinting, functional rehabilitation and play to help improve movement, strength, mobility and the ability to perform everyday tasks such as personal care, return to work or school and participation in hobbies, interests and social activities. Burns therapists also understand how best to manage any scarring resulting from a burn injury to improve functional and cosmetic outcome. Specialist interventions including massage techniques, compression garments and silicone gels are often provided, as well as skin camouflage and micro-needling in some instances. Burns therapists often work with their patients for a number of years.

The burns therapists within the SWBCN collaborate closely and meet regularly as a Specialist Interest Group (SIG) to work towards the shared objectives outlined in the SWBCN annual work plan, reporting to the SWBCN Board with the aim of contributing to the continuing improvement of Specialised Burns Services.

The current lead for the Burns Therapists and other Allied Health Professions within the SWBCN, representing the group at regional and national level, is Janine Evans, Occupational Therapist at the Welsh Centre for Burns.  For further information, please contact: